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3DVista Shopify Plugin


3DVista Shopify Plugin

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The 3DVista Shopify plugin is a comprehensive solution for connecting e-commerce into a virtual tour. Help clients achieve an ROI on 360 tours and dramatically reduce the friction typically surrounding digital purchases inside of tours by keeping the entire sales funnel inside of the same window.
You can see an example of this plugin by clicking this link.
This plugin connects a Shopify store to a 3DVista tour, allowing products and collections to be quickly linked with hotspots of any kind, as well as a persistent shopping cart that also lives inside of the tour. Products can be placed inside of a cart without opening a new tab or window, items remain in the cart as users move between panoramic images and abandoned cart recovery is automatically enabled if a user accidentally closes the tour.
Using the plugin is as simple as copying and pasting, and the documentation includes a complete set-up walkthrough as well as a comprehensive Shopify tutorial. Shopify credentials are completely encrypted using the most current cryptographic algorithms. Payment is handled by Shopify on their secure servers, ensuring you never have to store credit card or financial information from any buyers.
This plugin requires no coding – hotspots for products and collections are intuitively named and simple to reference. All you need is a Shopify account and you can start selling products in any 360 tour. This is a highly customizable plugin, with the option to change currency, language, image format, color profiles, transparency, border radius and much more. This plugin is only good for one Shopify store per license, it will be updated periodically as well as alongside every public release of 3DVista updates.
You can see a working demo of this plugin at or click here. This download includes a 14.7MB .zip file. To use the plugin simply extract the file. There are three folders, a copy/paste which you copy and paste into the main viewer as an execute JavaScript option. The other two folders offer a walkthrough documentation and screenshots to help you get started and match the design specifications of your tour.
 3DVista Shopify Plugin2021-11-10 05:38:11

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