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EVEREST – VTP Template


EVEREST – VTP Template

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EVEREST VTP Template is a set of 26 – 12000×6000 panoramas of a virtual creative space, suitable for photography, casting agents, publishing, web services and more. 12 Pre-positioned artwork surfaces with 200sq.m usable space. All you have to do is swap 12 art placeholder files with your own artwork.
The VTP file contains the polygonal image placement, a few examples of web-view usage, simple navigation, and 2 – 4K floorplans. 
Please use the image editing software of your choice to place the artwork and other content, the file must be saved as PNG with transparent background. 
The artwork can be resized but please keep the aspect ratio of each wall surface intact, the default resolution is “1px = 3mm”.
Artwork/hotspots  –  1-26.png – artwork to be edited.
Overlays (Should not be edited)/hotspots – 1A.png, 1B.png etc
Floor Plans/media/floorplans
Original Panoramas/media/panoramas
Placement Grid/media/panoramas – swap with grid panoramas to place your content on custom surfaces.EVEREST – VTP TemplatePanoramas2021-11-10 02:37:58

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