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Multipurpose restaurant skin


Multipurpose restaurant skin

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Click here for VIDEO SPOT
A NEW designed skin for presenting your 360 panorama in a NEW WAY.
It is a awesome way to make your customer enjoy most the tour by choosing this skin. It is made for restaurant but it is Multipurpose and so adaptable to any project. Responsive Screens and adaptive Mobile version.
Super easy to use, responsive and ready to run! with this SKIN will be included, all images as vector(.xd, .pdf) so that you can change the color as you like, and if you need all the design construction. ENJOY!
If  you don’t have the time to layout the things yourself then this skin is for you. It will save you time
Take a look on how it works on a DEMO. Click hereMultipurpose restaurant skinSkins2021-11-10 01:11:58

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